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A song has many important parts. For example lyrics, rhythm, harmony, arrangement,… one of them is Chords. It’s one of the absolute most important things in music. And here I would like to introduce Hey You Chords Guitar


Emadd9  Dm   x4

[Verse 1]


Hey you! out there in the cold


Getting lonely, getting old, can you feel me?


Hey you! standing in the aisles


With itchy feet and fading smiles, can you feel me?

D                                        G  D  C

Hey you! don’t you help them to bury the li-ii-ght

Bm           Am         Em       Dm

Don’t give in without a fight

[Verse 2]


Hey you! out there on your own


Sitting naked by the phone, would you touch me?


Hey you! with your ear against the wall


Waiting for someone to call out, would you touch me?

D                                       G   D C

Hey you! would you help me to carry the sto-o-one?

Bm              Am          Em

Open your heart, I’m coming home

[Guitar Solo]

Em   Am   x4


[Bridge] (where the chords are G D C the meter changes to 2/4 for one bar)

C          D      G  D C

But it was only a fantasy

C                D        G   D   C

The wall was too high, as you can see

C                D              G   D     C

No matter how he tried he could not break free

       C         D        Emadd9

And the worms ate into his brain

[Bass Solo]

Emadd9  Dm   x4

[Verse 3]


Hey you! out there on the road


Always doing what you’re told, can you help me?


Hey you! out there beyond the wall


Breaking bottles in the hall, can you help me?

D                                         G  D  C

Hey you! don’t tell me there’s no hope at a-aa-ll

 Bm             Am           Emadd9

Together we stand, divided we fall.

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Summary, Hey You Chords Guitar are made up of the most beautiful “colors”. They blend naturally and very harmoniously. Play it well and read Hey You! You will create your color.

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