La Vie En Rose Ukulele Chords Cristin Milioti

If you have musical instruments: guitar, ukulele,...., I know exactly what you need right now. And a famous song that is a perfect combination with musical instruments is La vie en rose uke chords easy. But it’s not at all, to play a song you have to know La vie en rose uke chords. Read on to learn.

Intro: G Gmaj7 Em Am D D7

Verse 1:

G                         Gmaj7

Hold me close and hold me fast


The magic spells you cast

                  Am  D

This is La Vie en ros-e


When you kiss me heaven sighs


And though I close my eyes

                G   D

I see La Vie en ros-e

Verse 2: 

G                         Gmaj7

When you press me to your heart


I'm in a world apart


a world where roses bloom


Am                        G

And when you speak angels sing from above

Am                     D               D7

Everyday words seem to turn into love songs

Verse 3:

G                           Gmaj7

Give your heart and soul to me


And life will always be

   Am  D       G

La Vie en rose
La vie en rose is a beautiful song. Let's try to play the La vie en rose uke chords easy song on your ukulele like a professional. After this post, I hope you can remember la vie en rose uke chords, and play more and more good songs

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