Lady Gaga launches horror movie style MV - Fiveguys Musical

On September 18, female singer Lady Gaga released the music video of the song “911”. The content of the MV was judged as confusing by the audience.

Variety reports that female singer Lady Gaga has just released a music video for her new single 911 from the Chromatica album. The 4-minute 42-second MV, directed by Tarsem Singh, has the complete content as a short film. The MV’s magical style, psychological horror has many marks from the 59-year-old director’s movie The Cell (2000).

After the MV was officially released, Lady Gaga expressed on Instagram: “The MV content is my personal story. It is the mental health experiences and the realism combined with the dream of creating heroes in us and around us ”.

Lady Gaga fans once speculated about the birth of MV 911 after the female singer performed the song at the MTV VMAs Awards earlier this month. The female singer also re-shared a post from 2013 entitled “A pop music emergency is underway 911” (roughly translated: “The pop ambulance is on the way to the 911 scene”).

The music video of the song was recorded in August, colorful and iconic. At the beginning of the MV, Lady Gaga appeared with a red half-face mask, lying in the desert. In the far background is a man riding a horse.

Following the strange man, the singer entered a building located in the oasis. She realized she was lost in an unfamiliar scene. In it, a series of bizarre characters appear, including a woman representing Santa Muerte, a Mexican folk saint specializing in bringing dead souls to the afterlife.After that, things got even odder as characters in the MV, including Lady Gaga, repeatedly switched roles, appearing in different iconic scenes. At the height, the secret of the origin of all seems crazy and meaningless images was clarified, surprising the audience.

Lady Gaga once said of the 911 song: “The song is an anti-psychotic experience I experienced. I can’t always control what comes to mind. Medicines are the only way to stop that process. ”The female singer constantly changes outfits in the MV.

She said: “Now I’m awake, I can see you, feel you, thank you for trusting me when I’m confused. What used to be my everyday life is now a movie, of the past instead of the present. It is a poem full of pain ”.

Currently, MV 911 has attracted more than 4.76 million views on YouTube after 11 hours of release. The MV received 626 thousand likes and nearly 64 thousand comments. Besides, 11 thousand users decided they didn’t like Lady Gaga’s new MV.

The audience commented that Lady Gaga’s new MV was difficult to understand, although they have watched it over and over again. Others said that the background music was too noisy to make them unable to hear the female singer’s voice. However, Lady Gaga’s fans assert that 911 shows that she is not only a singer, musician but also a true artist.

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