Oh Lord You're Beautiful (Jesus Culture)

For beginners, chords are a very difficult and frustrating step. You must always keep in mind that: anyone who is new to playing the guitar will also be timid and hurt. Try to play Oh Lord You're Beautiful Chords here:

Key: G  

Intro/FLOW:  G C Em D                      

Verse 1

   G           C   G D

Oh Lord You're beautiful

     G       C   G D

Your face is all I seek

    Em        B/D#     Em  D/F#  G

For when Your eyes are on this child

     C         D      G       

Your grace abounds to me


G           C    G/B  Am7

I want to  take Your Word

     D             G

And shine it all around

                 C                  D

But just help me first to live it Lord

             C G/B Am7

And when I'm doing well

           D            B/D#

Help me to never seek a crown

       Em        D/F#    C     D     G       (Hold G)

For my reward is giving glory unto You


   G           C   G/B   D 

Oh Lord please light the fire

     G           C          D

That once burned bright and clear

  Em       B/D#    Em   D/F#   G

Replace the lamp of my first love

     C           D      G

That burned with holy fe

Try to practice Oh Lord You're Beautiful Chords non-stop, within a few days, you will surely press very well and do not press on the rope, all pain will be dispelled.

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