Riches And Wonders Lyrics by The Mountain Goats

If the melody is the soul, the rhythm is the emotion and the singer and the appearance of the song, the lyrics are its meaning and content. So are the lyrics of Riches And Wonders.


We live high

Our love gorges on the alcohol we feed it

And it grows all fat and friendly

We have surplus if we need it

We hold on as hard as we can

Our knuckles are white

We write letters to each other

Invent secrets to confess to

I learn foreign and exotic terms of endearment

By which to address you

We feed fresh fruit to one another

We stay up all night

I am healthy, I am whole

But I have poor impulse control

And I want to go home

But I am home

We are strong, we are faithful

We are guardians of a rare thing

We pay close, careful attention

To the news the morning air brings

We show great loyalty

To the hard times we've been through

We are filled with riches and wonders

Our love keeps the things it finds

And we dance like drunken sailors

Lost at sea, out of our minds

You felt shelter somewhere in me

I find great comfort in you

And I keep you safe from harm

You hold me in your arms

And I want to go home

But I am home

>>> Listen to music: Eliza Rickman and Jherek Bischoff "Riches and Wonders"

Anyway, this is not a simple song, but I believe we can conquer it with hard practice. And deep there you can become a good singer or simply conquer listeners every time you sing this song.

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